Eating my way through France: Paris Round 2

Post WWOOFing I headed back to Paris to meet my brother – we were way over due for a sibling trip. My brother and I have a similar love for food and all things French, so we obviously had a great time eating in Paris. Here’s pretty much everything we ate:

Big Fernand : L’Atelier du Hamburgé

When I arrived in Paris, I hadn’t eaten in 6  hours. For Adelle, that’s danger hanger zone. So, I did what any shameless American does, and I went to get a FAT burger. Let me tell you, even the “fast food” burgers in Paris shame all the fast food joints in the US. I got their classic burger, the Big Fernand. We’re talking amazing raw milk cheese, fresh herbs…it was everything this girl needed.


While waiting for my brother to arrive in Paris, I had a day to wander around and do my own thing. So, I started my day off with a run that ended with a petit dej at Café des Anges.  I talk about about my deep love for croissants and petit dejuner in more depth here – but honestly, as long as you’re up before 10AM almost any cafe will hit the spot. Just be sure to walk by and see how flaky the croissants on people’s plates are.


Monuments and Zerts: Cream puff & Notre Dame

While in Paris I started taking pictures of desserts and monuments – both of which Paris has in abundance. For this version of Monuments and Zerts, I went to  Odette for a praline cream puff. It was rich, hazel-nutty, creamy, and light as air – pretty good for a chain pastry spot.


Le Burger Fermier

Jet lag is a hell of an experience, and my brother and I have a similar cure all – hamburgers. You will see that I’ve noshed on quite a few bergs during my travels, and honestly, it’s my comfort food. Pizza and burgers will always set me right when my tumm doesn’t know what it wants. So, if I’m going to squander one of my meal in Paris on yet another hamburger, it better be damn good. Enter, Le Burger Fermier at the Enfants Rouges market. Let me say, that this was truly one of the best burgers I’ve ever had. The fact that I was starving post Guernica (pictured below) could be part of it, but I stand by my claim. The staff was warm and welcoming, and got our amazing food out fast. Also, the Enfants Rouges is a pretty cute place to wander around post food coma.


L’As du Fallafel on Rue des Rosier

Chicken shwarma from L’As du Fallafel

So, I’m a huge fan gyros and such, but fallafel has never really got me. That all changed when we went to L’As du Fallafel on Rue de Rosier. This place is no joke. I wish I’d taken more photos of the line and the whole operation, but I was too busy taking it all in. Eating here is a bit of a process, but well worth it. First, you find the guys by the door who look like club bouncers. You let them know if you’re going to eat in or take away. Take-away is faster, but finding a place to actually sit and eat is a bit challenging. If you’re doing take-away, the bouncer will take your order. Be sure to order EVERYTHING you want then – drinks, extras, etc. They take down your order hand you a slip after you pay. Then it’s queue time. The line is generally ALWAYS long, but it moved fast thanks to the skilled hands of the food prep team. When you get to the food window, hand over your slip and pay attention – they will ask you what you want on your sandwich. That’s it – once you get your fallafel or gyro, there is a park near by that you can sit and eat at. The picture below is of the chicken shwarma – we at the fallafel so fast I forgot to take a picture. The fallafel was AMAZING, crispy little nuggets of heaven. I’m totally a convert now.

East Mamma

Normally I try not to do repeats when I’m only in a city for a short period of time, however East Mamma is so tasty and reasonable, I had to take my brother. He ordered the Pizza Middleton (Tomates San Marzano, jambon toscan, origan, gros bouts de mozza di bufala) which is what I had the first time I went. I ordered the ravioli of the day with crispy sage, butter sauce and hazelnuts. The girl sitting next to us got the nutella pizza for dessert and I just had to take a picture. They give you a whole gallon of nutella to go with it! East Mamma is a surefire bet when you’re in Paris and want an amazing meal, in a fun atmosphere, and don’t want to blow your budget.



Picnic on the Sein

One of the most Parisian things you can do while in the City of Lights is go for a picnic. My dear friend Roxanne was celebrating her birthday while I was in town, so we joined in for a sunset picnic on the Sein. I brought macarons from Pierre Hermé and a bottle of Confucius from La Grange de Bouys. There was cheese, baguettes, wine, meats, all the good stuff. It was the perfect way to have a truly Parisian experience.


La Mangerie

One of our splurge meals during our time in Paris was at La Mangerie. This little gem is situated off a side street near the Place des Vosges. The conversation and food were so good, I forgot to take pictures. However, this place is def worth checking out – any place where the amuse bouche is a shot is good in my book. Reservations are highly recommended, this place is a local hot spot.

Le Relais de L’Entrecote

If you’re into beef, Le Relais de L’Entrecote is a Parisian tradition. For about 20 you get a salad, a hearty serving of roast beef, frites, and bread. The special sauce they serve with the meat is to die for and goes really well with the fries.


My brother and I like to think we’re connoisseurs of many things, cocktails being one of them. Whenever I visit a new city, finding the best craft cocktails is number one on my list.

Fréquence – I love this place, we visited twice in the tree days that we were in Paris. Amazing cocktails, super chill vibes, and amazing music spinning on vinyl. I highly recommend this place.


Little Red Door – If you’re looking for an immersive and creative drinking experience, Little Red Door is for you. During my visit, all of the drinks were themed around universal values. I had the Security, and it was delicious.


Moonshiner – Very cool, hidden speakeasy. Enter through Pizzaria Da Vito and head to the back. Tasty cocktails and an international crowd.

Chez Nous –  Looking for a great glass (or bottle) of wine and a fun atmosphere? Chez Nous is your spot. This ex-pat wine bar is right next to Pointe Neuf and some seriously beautiful views of the Seine.

Paris’s food scene can be seriously intimidating, but luckily there’s not a lack of amazing food. Get lost wandering the city and pick a cafe. Grab a baguette and some wine and have an impromptu picnic – Paris can be whatever you make it!

Merci Beaucoup!




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