France is all about FACE

The Best French Pharmacy Beauty Products |  As a baby faced 30-something, I’ve been known to oscillate between the extremes of daily chemical peels and just using bar soap on my face. However, when you go to France, you stock up on Pharmacy beauty products. Through research, and user testing, here are my top recommended... Continue Reading →

Bonjour Paris!

Paris is always lovely...event after 20+ hours of travel. Pro tip, if you fly into Terminal 2, stop by the YotelAIR for a €20 shower - towel and french toiletries included. I, however, flew into Terminal 1, and was destined to be stinky. Getting from CDG to Central Paris is a breeze, you just might... Continue Reading →

The walkabout begins…

Hi! My name is Adelle Rodriguez and I just quit my job and sold all my stuff to go on a journey. A journey also known as a “walkabout." For those of you who don’t know here’s the DL: Walk·a·bout (ˈwôkəˌbout/) noun: Australian. Given to us by Crocodile Dundee - via Urban Dictionary: A spontaneous... Continue Reading →

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